Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Kyle Bass sits down with infamous Chinese businessman Guo Wengui, also known as known as “Miles Kwok,” to hear a series of shocking accusations and predictions revolving around the Chinese government. Kwok provides his perception of the backstory behind several recent high-profile news items, and touches on the Chinese government’s management of the economy. He also unfurls an alarming forecast about Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma. Filmed on October 5, 2018 at an undisclosed location. 

Guo Wengui (Chinese: 郭文贵; born 10 May 1970 (self claim) or 5 October 1968), also known under the names Guo Wen Gui, Guo Haoyun (Chinese: 郭浩云), and Miles Kwok, is a Chinese billionaire businessman who later became a political activist and controls Beijing Zenith Holdings (via proxy people Li Lin and Jiang Yuehua), and other assets. At the peak of his career, he was 73rd among the richest in China. After falling out with members of the Communist Party leadership, Guo was accused of corruption and other misdeeds and forced to flee China. He went to the United States in late 2014 after learning he was going to be arrested after allegations against him including bribing, kidnapping, money laundering, fraud and rape, and is subsequently subject to an Interpol Red Notice.
Despite Guo's claims of being a whistle-blower, his statements were unable to be verified by newspapers such as The New York Times. He is the founder of expose revolution.- more... Click Here.


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