Thursday, 20 June 2019

The Truth Church doesn’t have any churches or headquarters, nor do its followers adhere to any written policies or doctrines. Not a single building exists in The Truth church’s name.

According to Elizabeth Coleman, former The Truth member and author of Cult to Christ: The Church With No Name, the worldwide cult with a foothold in Australia blatantly describes all other churches as “false”.

Gathering in homes to sing hymns and listen to the word and parts of the Bible interpreted by the group’s highest members called “Workers”, The Truth demands women wear only long skirts or dresses in demure colours, no makeup or jewellery, and never cut their hair – their long hair must be worn in a bun, short hair on a woman is forbidden.

TV and movies are seen as “the work of the devil”, as is dancing and sex education." - extracted from The Truth Church: Inside the nameless church cult where TV and dancing are "the devil's work". - You can READ the whole article HERE.

Ross Bowden was born into the secretive Truth Church. In an extended interview with Allison Langdon, he reveals what life was like growing up in the "crazy" cult-like religion.

For the past 12 months, 60 MINUTES has been investigating a highly mysterious church called The Truth. It operates in regional areas of Australia and enforces bizarrely strict rules for its 10,000 members. It bans television, music and dancing. No parishioners can wear jewellery; females must always be dressed in long skirts and are forbidden from cutting their hair. But that’s by no means the worst of it. On Sunday, 60 MINUTES will reveal shocking and shameful secrets the church doesn’t want anyone to know about. They include allegations from former worshippers of being subjected to unspeakable sexual attacks by fellow members of the church, which when brought to the attention of the organisation’s hierarchy were largely ignored. As Allison Langdon discovers, the truth about The Truth is highly disturbing and demands a formal inquiry by police and welfare authorities.


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