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The Jesuit Counter Reformation missions in China has been re-started. Now with a different engine and machinery. It is heralding a new era in these last days before the KING of Kings returns. Since the infiltration of the "Black Robes" in Asia, China was the most successful through their Luciferian education and indoctrination infiltrating the imperial court of the Chinese Emperor in the mid 16th century. -  more in details HERE.

During the times of Nimrod, when God scattered many people and confused their tongues . Nimrod was trying to build a high tower in rebellion against The Creator in where he was making "Babelon", son of Satan's center of One World Religion and Government. An obelisk literally made into a high tower building of offices and rooms departmentalized perhaps according to its purpose. (See Genesis chap. 11)

Today, starting from the 13th century, human kind are building tall structures like churches and palaces, cathedrals, etc. Although these are churches, temples or mosques, still we will notice a high pointed sharp pole pointed to the sky like an obelisk or antenna? In the beginning of the 18th century, buildings are reaching to the height of more than 50 feet. In the late 20th century alone the tallest building that was made has reached almost the height of 1500 feet. Located in Malaysia, The Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest in the world in 2004.

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 Last year, 2017 a "sign" was seen in China in where a festival of lights was celebrated. Lights and lanterns, either electricity or fire were used to display lights, still this kind of extreme flying of drones in China maybe telling us that there is a coming new order that we should pray about.  "Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation." - Matthew  26:41a

 “Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man” - Luke 21:36

A Chinese city orchestrated a dazzling 1,000-drone performance to mark the end of the Lunar New Year.
Traditionally, Chinese people celebrate the end of the new year, which takes place on the 15th day of the first lunar month (in 2017, that’s Feb. 11 on the Gregorian calendar), with a lantern festival. But the southern city Guangzhou opted this year for high-tech flying machines to light up the sky. The performance set a Guinness World Record for the largest number of drones that were airborne simultaneously, according to the drone manufacture Ehang (link in Chinese), shattering the previous record held by Intel when it launched 500 drones in the sky in November.

Canton tower, Guangzhou, China 2017 The Canton Tower or Guangzhou Tower (simplified Chinese: 广州塔; traditional Chinese: 廣州塔; Cantonese Yale: Gwóngjāu Taap), formally Guangzhou TV Astronomical and Sightseeing Tower is a 604 metres (1,982 ft) tall multi-purpose observation tower in the Haizhu District of the city of Guangzhou (historically known as Canton), in Guangdong, China. The tower was topped out in 2009 and it became operational on 29 September 2010 for the 2010 Asian Games. The tower briefly held the title of tallest tower in the world, replacing the CN Tower, before being surpassed by the Tokyo Skytree. It was the tallest structure in China prior to the topping out of Shanghai Tower on 3 August 2013. It is now the second tallest tower and the fourth-tallest freestanding structure in the world. Kantonská věž, Kanton (Kuang-čou), Čína

 The drones took off from the square by Guangzhou Tower and were operated by a remote-control computer system. Flying as high as 120 meters, the drones looked like lanterns hanging in the sky. With Yellow River Piano Concerto, which premiered during Mao Zedong’s era, playing in the background, the glittering drones configured themselves in multiple formations during the 15-minute show to display the Chinese character “福,” which means blessings; the map of China; and the numbers 1,000 (representative of the number of drones) and 2017.


  The Chinese rites controversy

"An analogous judgment would have to be voiced concerning the Chinese rites controversy, which centred on the Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci, who worked as a missionary in China in the late 16th and the early 17th century. Decades of scholarly research into Buddhist and Confucian thought had prepared Ricci to attach the Roman Catholic understanding of the Christian faith to the deepest spiritual apprehensions of the Chinese religious tradition. The veneration of Confucius, the great Chinese religious and philosophical leader, and the religious honours paid to ancestors were to be seen not as elements of paganism to be rejected out of hand nor as pagan anticipations of Christianity but as rituals of Chinese society that could be adapted to Christian purposes. Ricci’s apostolic labours won him many converts in China, but they also aroused the suspicion of many in the West that the distinctiveness of Christianity was being compromised in syncretistic fashion. The suspicion did not assert itself officially until long after Ricci’s death, but, when it did, the outcome was a condemnation of the Chinese rites by Pope Clement XI in 1704 and 1715 and by Pope Benedict XIV (reigned 1740–58) in 1742. Ancestor veneration and Confucian devotion were said to be an inseparable element of traditional Chinese religion and hence incompatible with Christian worship and doctrine. Here again, the embattled situation of the Roman Catholic Church in the 17th and 18th centuries helps to account for an action that seems, in historical perspective, to have been excessively defensive and rigoristic."
- Controversies involving the Jesuits -

The Jesuit Illuminati NEW WORLD ORDER CHINA.

“The Jesuit Order – The Society of Jesus” A Tale – and Trail – of Assassination, Brutality, Cunning, Deceit, Deception, Espionage, Expulsion, Genocide, Hatred, Inquisition, Mass Murder, Prevarication, Sedition, Subversion, Torture, Treason, and Wickedness. 

 I. Introduction:
The Jesuit Order – a.k.a. the Society of Jesus, the Order of Jesus, the Sons of Loyola, and “the Company” (it was once called “the Company of Jesus”) – was founded in 1534 by Ignatius Loyola. It was officially recognized as a Roman Catholic religious order by Pope Paul III in 1540. Jesuits are famous as educators, and as “father-confessors” to emperors, kings (and their mistresses), queens, princes, princesses, high-ranking military officers, and many of the powerful and wealthy elite of the world. Jesuits are also infamous as seducers of women in the confessional, murderers of kings, makers of sedition, organizers of coup d’états, infiltrators of Protestant denominations, instigators of massacres, and fomenters of wars and revolutions. Numerous books have been written about the Jesuit Order. Some of these books contend that many of the men at the higher levels of the Jesuit Order have been – and are – very evil men!

Let us carefully consider the following questions, which I hope to answer in the “conclusions” section of this newsletter:
1. Is the Jesuit Order – at its higher levels – the most evil organization that the world has seen over the past 4½+ centuries?

2. Why has the Jesuit Order been expelled from so many countries, including from many predominantly Roman Catholic countries, during its history?

3. Are the Jesuit Order and the Jesuit-controlled Roman Catholic Church-State responsible for fomenting many wars and revolutions, such as World War I and World War II?

4. Is the Jesuit-controlled Roman Catholic Church-State the greatest threat to civil and religious liberty that the world has ever seen?

5. Have agents of the Jesuit Order been responsible for assassinating numerous heads of State over the centuries?

6. Does the Jesuit Order, which controls the Roman Catholic Church-State, the Knights of Malta, the highest levels of the Knights of Columbus and of Opus Dei, and the highest levels of Freemasonry, etc., sit at the very top of the New World Order (N.W.O.) “pyramid”?

7. Does the Jesuit Order, through its control of various secret societies, such as high-level Freemasonry and the Knights of Malta, control the International Intelligence Community?

8. Does the Jesuit Order, through its control of the wealthy, powerful, and influential Knights of Malta – and other “agents” on the Jesuit payroll – control the International Banking Community?

Surely inquiring minds would like answers to the above questions. Please carefully read and consider the “definitions” found in the next section, and the numerous quotations dealing with the Jesuit Order that are found within this newsletter.

Important Note: The intention of this TTT issue is to expose many of the evil deeds carried out on the instructions of higher-level members of the Jesuit Order – including the General of the Order – and the resulting harm, mayhem, and death that the Jesuit Order’s actions and operations have brought to many peoples and nations. (The Jesuits have “justified” – or “excused” – these evil deeds with their “maxims” of “the end justifies the means” and “for the greater glory of God”!) The reader should keep in mind that lower-level Jesuits (especially those of the first three degrees) know little to nothing of the evil that goes on at the higher levels of the Jesuit Order. (The same can be said for most Roman Catholics, i.e., they know little to nothing of the evil that goes on at the higher levels of the Jesuit Order – or at the higher levels of the Papacy itself!) Unfortunately, these lower-level Jesuits – due to the blind obedience that they are required to give to all superiors in their order – are merely “tools” in the hands of their superiors; and these lower-level Jesuits often carry out various operations and activities for the sinister intermediate – and long-range – “goals” of the Jesuit Order – goals about which they know little to nothing!"  - extracted from CHRISTIANITY BELIEFS.ORG

"The Society of Jesus also called the Jesuits function as Roman intelligence for the Italian Nobility. The Jesuits are a military order established under the Papal Bull called “Regimini Militantis Eclessiae” which means the Military Regiment of the Church. The head of the Jesuits is called the Superior General currently held by Arturo Sosa. The official definition of a Jesuit is one of intrigue or equivocation defined in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. Intrigue means trickery and equivocation means to lie. Jesuits are trained in deception and are entangled with everything in society. The Farnese family established the Jesuits and this is why Farnesivs is engraved at their headquarters called the Gesu Church in Rome. The Society of Jesus was involved with the genocide of Native Americans. One example was the Jesuit priest Pierre-Jean De Smet who infiltrated the Iroquois. He requested “Black Robes” for the natives which were carrying diseases as a form of biological warfare. He provided intelligence on them which was used in massacres all while pretending to be their ally. The Jesuit photographer Francis Browne was on the Titanic and managed to get off before it sank. The Titanic was switched with its damaged twin sister ship the Olympic which was intentionally sunk as insurance fraud. The Jesuits who were previously banished from Japan were in Hiroshima when the “atomic bomb” was dropped. Pedro Arrupe along with seven other Jesuits were within miles of the “nuclear” blast zone in Hiroshima and all survived untouched. 

SJ Pedro Arrupe is in video testifying about Hiroshima before he was later made the Superior General of the Jesuit Order. The Allies actually strategically firebombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima and claimed that they were nuclear bombs as a form of intimidation.

The Jesuits were involved with establishing Romanized Christian communist settlements in South America known as the “Jesuit Reductions” which were funded by the monarchs of Spain and Portugal. The Jesuits were paying their dues back to the Black Nobility which angered the kings of Spain and Portugal and lead to the Jesuits being banished from Europe. Although the monarchies are corrupt and tyrannical the Jesuits are even worse and manipulate royal families and infiltrate them for the extremely evil Black Nobility. Jesuits and their agents were used as Confessors to the monarchs. Confession is a way the Catholic Church gathers intelligence on people used for blackmail and psychological warfare. Jesuits are deeply involved with science and astronomy. They run major telescopes and set the policies for NASA who reinterpret space. They created the flat earth deception and influence people to deny that space even exists. The Earth is not flat and that is why you can get to the same location by traveling in a straight line from two opposite directions. That is a fact and that is only possible on a spherical Earth. The word horizon implies curvature. It is a Greek word that means boundary belt. Belts ae curved. Sean O’Keefe was Jesuit educated from Loyola University in New Orleans and was former Administrator of NASA. The Jesuits are dangerous liars, brainwashers, and trained illusionists.

The Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin developed some of the modern New Age belief system through his book The Phenomenon of Man. They are masters in deception, alchemy, and mind control and seek to dominate over every aspect in society. Jesuit use their universities for recruiting agents for Rome. Michael Sheeran is the President of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the United States. The Jesuits also have the Ninth Circle death cult operating within their universities. The Ninth Circle Cult is in reference to Dante’s Inferno and the last stage of hell before Hades the Devil." -

"I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all Protestants and Liberals to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth" 

Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction The Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits, with their Sun Worship logo, operate in the highest echelons of the Jesuit Illuminati, or rather their leaders do. It is the Jesuit leadership that controls the Knights of Malta, Knights Templar, Knights of Columbus in the USA, and works closely with another secret order of the Roman Church, Opus Dei, which was created by the Jesuits. The Society of Jesus was the creation of Ignatius Loyola, who was born at the Castle of Loyola in the Basque province of Guipuzcoa in Spain on Christmas Eve 1491. He and a group of associates founded the Jesuit Order in 1537 and it was given papal approval in 1540. From there it expanded its influence until it reached its present status as one of the most powerful secret societies on earth. Loyola became the first Jesuit Superior General, also know as the 'Father General', and he sent his agents far and wide to set up schools, colleges, and seminaries. The Jesuits now have some 17,000 members in 112 countries and the worldwide structure consists of region known as assistances, which are themselves made up of provinces. The Superior General has absolute authority and is again chosen for life, or until he decides to resign. The Jesuit Constitutions were written by Loyola and created a dictatorship that demanded absolute obedience to the Pope and 'superiors' with the Order. He said that Jesuits should be 'well-disciplined like a corpse'. Loyola produced a book call Spiritual Exercises(modern day psychology) in 1548 and it is still at the heart of Jesuit 'education'. It tells Jesuits to suspend their own judgement and the thirteenth rule says it is virtue to believe only what the Catholic Church tells them even if it's not true. The example is given of seeing something that is obviously white, but believing it is really black if the Catholic hierarchy says it is.. On top of the Jesuit powerstructure stands the superior-general of the order. Below him is probably the ex superior-general who is still alive. Under him are the four assistants of the superior-general and three of these assistants are also regional assistants. Below these assistants there are seven regional assistants and in total there are ten assistancies. Below them there are six presidents of the Conferences. And the list goes on and on.

 This is probably the powerstructure in the top of the Jesuits: Superior-General: Arturo Sosa Abascal Ex superior-general: Adolfo Nicolas Assistant Ad Providentiam & president Conference European Provincials: John Dardis Assistant Ad Providentiam, Admonitor & Regional Assistant US & Canada: Douglas Marcouiller Assistant Ad Providentiam & Regional Assistant South-Asia: Vernon D'Cunha Ad Providentiam & Regional Assistant Africa: Fratern Masawe Regional Assistant South Asia: Lisbert D'Souza Regional Assistant Pacific Asia: Daniel Patrick Huang Regional Assistant Latin America South: Claudio Paul Regional Assistant Central & East-Europe: Tomasz Kot Regional Assistant South-Europe: Joaquín Barrero Díaz Regional Assistant West-Europe: Victor Assouad Regional Assistant South-America North: Gabriel Ignacio Rodríguez President Conference US & Canada Provincials: Timothy Kesicki President Conference South-Asia Provincials: George Pattery President Conference Pacific-Asia Provincials: Mark Raper President Conference Latin-America Provincials: Jorge Cela President Conference Africa & Madagascar Provincials: Michael Lewis Subscribe for all the videos with the best info about the Jesuits, Knight's of Malta & papal bloodlines.




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