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"In the Name of Confucius focuses on Canada, but the problem is worldwide. In Britain, there are at least 29 Confucius Institutes, attached to major universities such as Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Cardiff and University College London. There are also 127 Confucius 'classrooms' in schools around the United Kingdom - teaching from texts, if Liu's film is correct, that promote the Chinese Communist Party. 

And yet in an op-ed for the Times Higher Education supplement in 2015, the President of Imperial College, Alice Gast, expressed her wish for the UK's universities to be "China's best partners in the West". The UK ranks first among European countries in welcoming this Chinese influence - a point celebrated in China's state media as marking a "Confucius revolution". 

Except it is not a 'Confucius' revolution, but the exporting of the values of a brutal, corrupt, cruel dictatorship. "An oppressive government," said Confucius, "is to be feared more than a tiger". We need to wake up and stop this collusion, before it is too late. In the Name of Confucius is a film everyone involved in China policy and education policy should watch. Confucius must be turning in his grave." - Extracted from

"An exposé filled with shocking details, odious intentions and an everyday hero who exposes the truth behind a multi-billion dollar enterprise."

"In the Name of Confucius is the first documentary film exposing the growing global controversies surrounding the Chinese government’s multi-billion dollar Confucius Institute (CI), a Chinese language program attaching to over 1,600 foreign universities and schools around the world. Featuring the exclusive personal story of a former CI teacher, Sonia Zhao, whose defection and complaint let to the first closure of a CI on a North American campus, and the unprecedented outcry against Canada’s largest school board, the TDSB, over its plan to open the world’s largest CI, the film examines the risks that the Confucius Institutes could pose to our society—a loss of academic integrity, violations to human rights codes, foreign influence, and even potential infringements on national security. Re-enactments star former Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin. In the Name of Confucius has won a number of international awards and nominations, and seen successful screenings in 12 countries across 5 continents as of August 2018, including screenings in the parliaments of the United Kingdom and Australia." -

 “In the Name of Confucius” is the first documentary exposé of China’s multi-billion dollar Confucius Institute program and the growing global controversies surrounding it, ranging from erosions to academic integrity and violations to human-rights codes, to foreign influence and potential infringements on national security.

There were 512 Confucius Institutes (CI) and 1073 Confucius Classrooms  around the world by 2016. (Image via Films Website)


 "Confucianism" is a tradition that traces its beginnings to an educated elite called shi of late antiquity that advised royal and regional feudal authorities during the Zhou dynasty (1134 - 250 BCE) on governing. At this time, governance emphasized the importance of virtuous rule through benevolence and proper conduct through ritual (li). Of this educated elite, the most prominent figure was a man named Kong Qiu (551 - 479 BCE), better known as Master Kong (Kongfu-zi or Kongzi). In the West, Kongzi is traditionally known as Confucius, a name given to him by Jesuit missionaries in the sixteenth century. - Extracted from


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