Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The Whole Breadth of Earth

Dr. Auguste Piccard’s Record-Breaking Balloon Flights

“(The Earth) seemed a flat disc with an upturned edge.” ~ Dr. Auguste Piccard (1884 – 1962), Swiss physicist, inventor and explorer, on his return from his 1931 record-setting balloon flight of about 15.8 miles.

Piccard made a total of twenty-seven balloon flights, finally reaching a then-record altitude of 23 miles. Wikipedia oddly enough (sarcasm) does not mention his description of the shape of the Earth.

I watched a video on YouTube that went into the occult symbolism in Star Wars and Star Trek, and how those two popular series are first and foremost meant for ball-earth propaganda. And just to covertly laugh at us — the dumb sheeple — as they often do, the name they chose for the captain of the Enterprise in the Star Trek: The Next Generation was Captain Piccard.

They know full well that the Earth is a flat, motionless plane.

Flat Earth Perspectives

DESCRIPTION: This compilation contains some great evidence that the Earth is flat. Do you think that the Moon just reflects the Sun's light? Think again! Everyday people are conducting their own experiments. Sunlight is warming whereas moonlight is cooling; we are warmer in the shade than in direct moonlight. See more fake NASA imagery and the hidden meaning of the chevron or vector – used by virtually every nation's space agency – which resembles a reptilian tongue. 70-min. DVD - AVAILABLE HERE.

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