Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Luciferian Sexual Agenda refers to the plan that is in motion by the Catholic Church to brainwash the public into accepting inhumanly immoral sexual practices.  It is a three stage operation that will progress because it hides behind a smokescreen that it is supporting human rights.

 An arrest warrant has been issued for Pope Francis on charges of crimes against humanity, including child trafficking and murder. Is the pontiff who just apologized for the sins of pedophile priests a predator himself? Will the pope’s arrest be the downfall of the Roman Catholic church, bringing millions of believers to their knees? David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!

Part 1: Homosexuality

The first part of the LSA is to implement homosexuality on the public. Homosexuality is important because with it, Luciferian interests can transition to the second step. Without homosexuality they would be unable to. 

The sexual desires of human beings can at any time cause them to think or feel sexually about those of the same sex as them. However, those pushing the homosexual part of this agenda will say that if you have homosexual impulses, then it means that you are attempting to "surpress" or hide your true nature which is homosexuality.  Because homosexuality is a social decision that is made by an individual for personal reasons, it is easy to assess that this promoted view is inaccurate. In an attempt to confront and deal with this problem facing the agenda, a view has been promoted with pseudo-science that attempts to indicate that homosexuals were "born that way" or "born this way". Illuminati vocalist Lady Gaga was even made to perform a song written by Jesuits that promotes the idea that homosexuality is hereditary with the song "Born This Way". Despite heavy misconception and well done Intentional Disinformation Campaigns, there is no gene that points to homosexuality, a fact that will generally send supporters of homosexuality into a rage. 

By promoting "gay rights" and having several LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual) groups, the promoted cause defends the "right" to be gay. It creates a social safe haven for people who feel out of place socially or sexually, which is a large amount of the human population.  Anyone who opposes the homosexual agenda or any of its talking points is labeled as a "bigot" and a "homophobe". The Divide and Conquer Illuminati technique is in use here as the subject of gay marraige is constantly on the news, despite the fact that less than two percent of the world population is an open and practicing homosexual.

Step 2: Incest

Once homosexuality has been promoted and successfully defended, incest will be the next area of focus. This does not mean that the LSA will abandon the Homosexual Agenda, but rather it will promote it and the Incest Agenda equally. Both will need to be promoted to allow the third step to take place. 

In a disturbing amount of states in the United States, incest is legal. Many countries in Europe are beginning to lax their incest laws and some are even calling them "obsolete". In many cases, marrying a family member is illegal but sexual relations are not. This disturbing trend will continue and be promoted and aided as another right that is being taken away. 

In poor or war torn areas, incest is commonplace as many people feel as though they may never have sexual contact for the first time or again. Since people in war time are confined to the home due to dangers that are present in public areas, incest is almost expected in many cases in order to keep a family going.
The incest step is more of a stepping stone and will not take as long as the Homosexual Agenda to complete. But it must be fulfilled in its entirety before the final step.

Step 3: Pedophilia

In the ultimate move of destruction of morals and family life, the third step of the LSA will be to promote and defend pedophilia to the public just as they did with homosexuality and incest. In the end, the victory for Luciferians won't be simply in that pedophilia is legal, it will be in that this pedophilia may be done with someone of the same sex (already safely promoted, defended and made into law) and someone who is a family member (also safely promoted, defended and made into law). Men will be able to force their sons into acts of sodomy. Instead of parents being teachers and loving nurturers Lucifer has a plan to let all the people who want to have sex with a child feel comfortable and be able to practice this abomination to the Lord whever they want. 

Elitists and Luciferians are for the most part very enthralled with these sexual practices, and based on their impulse desires by their body, will act on them with whatever money and resources they have at their disposal. Ancient Greeks regularly practiced homosexual pedophilia, a sin against God and the ultimate undoing to the family structure.-


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