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  • Malabsay Falls A 40 feet waterfalls located on the slope of Mt. Isarog in Panicuason.

    Malabsay falls is one of the best place to visit in Naga.

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    The Panicuason Trail is one of the best chosen path to reach the summit of the mountain.

  • Sili - The truth about it!

    'The amazing thing is that chilli spread world-wide in only 50 years!'


    Before the Spanish Conquest arrived in Malaya Land. The land of Bico is known as Ibalong. Dont be misled, Ibalong is the ancient name of the land of the inhabitants...


    The mango is particularly high in superfruit signatures—prebiotic dietary fiber, vitamin C, carotenoids and polyphenols.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2018


The mysterious death of Whitney Huston baffled the world. Why did she die? Was her death planned by a group of evil people? An evil cult whose motives are far beyond the minds of the general public? This short informative youtube video will give you some latest stuff and data about the death of the famous American singer  Whitney Huston.

"Born:    August 9, 1963 in Newark, New Jersey, USA
Died:  February 11, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California, USA  (accidental drowning caused by heart disease and cocaine use)?

Birth Name:    Whitney Elizabeth Houston
Nicknames :   Nippy

The Prom Queen of Soul
The Princess of Pop
The Voice

Height:    5' 6" (1.68 m)

Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born into a musical family on 9 August 1963, in Newark, New Jersey, the daughter of gospel star Cissy Houston, cousin of singing star Dionne Warwick and goddaughter of soul legend Aretha Franklin.

She began singing in the choir at her church, The New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, as a young child and by the age of 15 was singing backing vocals professionally with her mother on Chaka Khan's 1978 hit, 'I'm Every Woman'. She went on to provide backing vocals for Lou Rawls, Jermaine Jackson and her own mother and worked briefly as a model, appearing on the cover of 'Seventeen' magazine in 1981.

She began working as a featured vocalist for the New York-based funk band Material and it was the quality of her vocal work with them that attracted the attention of the major record labels, including Arista with whom she signed in 1983 and where she stayed for the rest of her career.

Her debut album, 'Whitney Houston', was released in 1985 and became the biggest-selling album by a debut artist. Several hit singles, including 'Saving All My Love For You', 'How Will I Know', 'You Give Good Love', and 'The Greatest Love of All', were released from the album, setting her up for a Beatles-beating seven consecutive US number ones. The album itself sold 3 million copies in its first year in the US and went on to sell 25 million worldwide, winning her the first of her six Grammies.

The 1987 follow-up album, 'Whitney', which included the hits 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go' and 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody', built on her success but it was the 1992 film The Bodyguard (1992) that sealed her place as one of the best-selling artists of all time. While the movie itself and her performance in it were not highly praised, the soundtrack album and her cover of the Dolly Parton song 'I Will Always Love You' topped the singles and albums charts for months and sold 44 million copies around the world.

That same year she married ex-New Edition singer Bobby Brown with whom she had her only child, their daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown in March 1993. It was about this time that her much documented drug use began and by 1996 she was a daily user.

Her 1998 album, 'My Love Is Your Love' was well reviewed but the drug abuse began to affect her reputation and press reports at the time said that she was becoming difficult to work with, if she turned up at all. She was dropped from a performance at The 72nd Annual Academy Awards (2000) because she was "out of it" at rehearsals. Her weight fluctuated wildly - she was so thin at a 'Michael Jackson' tribute in 2001 that rumors circulated the next day that she had died - and her voice began to fail her. She was twice admitted to rehab and declared herself drug-free in 2010 but returned to rehab in May 2011.

Her 2009 comeback album 'I Look To You' was positively received and sold well, but promotional performances were still marred by her weakened voice. Her final acting performance was in Sparkle (2012) (a remake of the 1976 movie, Sparkle (1976)), released after her death.

She was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel room on 11 February 2012." - SOURCE: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001365/bio


Friday, 27 July 2018

Masonic-Illuminati US Presidents? and The Bohemian Groove.

 US Presidents (Allegedly) in the Illuminati -

"Which presidents are in the Illuminati? The office of the President of the United States has long been suspected of being influenced by the Illuminati. The shadowy, mysterious, yet seemingly all-powerful group has been linked to virtually every American president, from George Washington to Barack Obama - and to almost every decision they've made while in office.

image taken from http://www.glabarre.com/item/U_S_A_Masonic_Presidents/9156/p6c90

 Conspiracy theorists see the number of presidents who have been Freemasons as indicative of Illuminati influence in the White House, as the two groups are closely linked. But Illuminati presidents have also been non-Masons, including almost all post-war office holders. The power and prestige of the office is thought to be under complete control of the Cabal, with all wars, economic situations, foreign policy crises, and environmental disasters staged by the Powers That Be.

Why would they do this? To make money, of course. And to cement their control over the masses, who are kept ignorant that their leaders are puppets and their elections staged. Of course, none of this might be true, the Illuminati might not exist, and maybe presidents are just normal people with a desire to lead. But what fun would it be to exist in a world without all-powerful puppet masters controlling our every move? 

Here are the US presidents most likely to have been, or currently be, members of the Illuminati"

Young George Washington was initiated as a Master Mason, the highest beginning rank in the organization, then sworn in as a Worshipful Master of Alexandria Lodge No. 22. Additionally, the Bible Washington used when sworn in was from a Masonic lodge - and  that Bible has since been used by a number of other presidents.

In a 1798 letter, Washington wrote "It is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am." Was this Washington throwing future historians off the trail of his Illuminati influence?

Age: Died at 67 (1732-1799)

Birthplace: Contiguous United States, United States of America, United States, with Territories, Westmoreland County, + more

Presidency: 1

V.P.: John Adams

Profession: Surveyor, Politician, Soldier, Military Officer, Farmer, + more


Thought to be an extremely high-ranking Illuminati member, Clinton is implicated in the deaths of hundreds of people killed so he could stay in power. He has also been involved in, yet never implicated, in numerous conspiracies, and has been a member at various times of the Skull and Bones Society, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Rhodes Scholars, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Age: 72
Birthplace: Hope, AR Micropolitan Statistical Area, Arkansas, Hempstead County, United States of America, + more
Presidency: 42
V.P.: Al Gore
Profession: Statesman, Politician, Author, Lawyer, Teacher

"The highlight of a Grove encampment is an opening day initiation ceremony called "The Cremation of Care," in which the campers are given permission to forget their worldly duties and responsibilities, and instead focus on having a good time, just like in the old days, when they were young and supposedly carefree. Although the ceremony is very elaborate and has a long tradition, readers have to understand at the outset that it is a lark, a spoof of ceremonies, that has no deep or serious intent, contrary to what some conspiracy theorists have claimed. It is just what it claims to be: a way to ease everyone into a mood where they can relax and enjoy themselves. The scenario unfolds something like this:

The boys begin to arrive at the Bohemian Grove on the Saturday closest to the middle of July for what will be a two-week encampment. In actuality, most of them will just attend during one or two of the three weekends included in the encampment, jetting in to the nearby Santa Rosa airport from all over the country, or driving up from San Francisco.

As they arrive, they first get settled at their camps, then wander around visiting with old friends. That night they have their first dinner in the huge open-air dining circle. They hear flowery welcoming speeches, they give a cheer to the "Old Guard," those who have been in the club for 40 or more years, and they pay their respects to the "Fallen Leaves," those who have died in the past year. 

 But the highlight of the evening is the Cremation of Care, an initiation into the spirit of the encampment. It is all very fancy. The script varies only slightly each year. It is also a put-on, a mock of rituals — but it is a ritual ceremony nonetheless. Postmodernists might call it a meta-ritual. It is meant to signal that the encampment is a time for relaxation, drinking, and fun. It is a return to the summer camp days of their youth.

To gain a sense of what it's like to take part, imagine yourself comfortably seated in the beautiful open-air dining hall. It's early evening and the clear July air is still pleasantly warm. Dusk has descended, you have finished a sumptuous dinner, and you are sitting quietly with your drink, listening to the nostalgic welcoming speeches and enjoying the gentle light and the eerie shadows that are cast by the two-stemmed gaslights flickering softly at each of the several hundred outdoor banquet tables.

You are part of an assemblage that has been meeting in this redwood grove 65 miles north of San Francisco for well over a hundred years. It is not just any assemblage, for you are a captain of industry, a well-known television star, a banker, a famous artist, or maybe a member of the President's cabinet. You are one of 1,500 men — women are not allowed — gathered together from all over the country for this annual encampment of the rich and the famous. And you are about to take part in a strange ceremony that has marked every Bohemian Grove gathering since 1880. " - The Cremation of Care Ceremony from Social Cohesion & the Bohemian Grove The Power Elite at Summer Camp by G. William Domhoff, U.C. Santa Cruz

 "The 1970 Grove guest list is probably the most fascinating document available concerning the sociology of Bohemia. It reveals the guest, his host, and the camp at which he is staying. If such lists were available for a lengthy time span, they would provide the basis for an intimate understanding of the cliques and friendship patterns within the country's ruling circles. As it is, this one list tantalizes us with hypotheses and possibilities.

There were 341 guests at the 1970 encampment. They came from all over the United States (34 states), as well as from Mexico (6), Japan (3), and Spain, the Philippines, England, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, and Hong Kong (one each). The greatest number were from New York City (79) and Washington, D.C. (25). Some of the pairings are what we might expect. Louis Lundborg, chairman of the Bank of America, had as his guest Gaylord A. Freeman, chairman of the First National Bank of Chicago. David M. Kennedy, former chairman of the Continental Illinois Bank and Trust Company, then serving as Secretary of the Treasury, was the guest of Rudolph A. Peterson, president of the Bank of America. J. George Harrar, president of the Rockefeller Foundation, was the guest of Frederick Seitz, president of Rockefeller University. Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, chairman of the joint Chiefs of Staff, was the guest of one of his bosses, Deputy Secretary of Defense David Packard (a California multimillionaire in private life). A. Mims Thomason, president of United Press, was the guest of Jack R. Howard, president of Scripps-Howard Newspapers.

Nor are the several father-son teams surprising. For example, Edgar F. Kaiser of Kaiser Industries brought Edgar F. Kaiser, Jr.; Henry S. Morgan of the preeminent investment banking house of Morgan Stanley & Co., invited Charles F. Morgan; William A. Patterson of United Air Lines, hosted William A. Patterson, Jr.; and Frederic H. Brandi of the investment banking firm of Dillon, Read brought James H. Brandi.

More intriguing are several of the government-business pairings. Paul Rand Dixon, chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, was the guest of oil man and Democratic fat cat Edwin W. Pauley. John D. Ehrlichman, a right hand man to President Nixon, was the guest of Republican fat cat Leonard Firestone. Walter J. Hickel, Secretary of the Interior at the time, and deeply involved in negotiations concerning the Santa Barbara oil spill, was the guest of Fred L. Hartley, president of Union Oil, the company responsible for said oil spill.

The club's board of directors has the right as a group to invite guests. Many of their guests were people in public life: Joseph Alioto, Mayor of San Francisco; Melvin Laird, Secretary of Defense; Alfred Nelder, Chief of Police in San Francisco; Peter J. Pitcbess, Sheriff of Los Angeles County; Samuel Yorty, Mayor of Los Angeles; and Ronald Reagan, Governor of California. 

It is also interesting to look at the guests in terms of camps. Mandalay, already laden with some of the biggest names in corporate America, included among its guests Peter A Flanigan, a partner in the investment banking house of Dillon, Read (then serving as a White House aide for foreign trade); John D. Ehrlichman; Thomas S. Gates, Jr., chairman of Morgan Guaranty Trust Bank; Amory Houghton, former chairman of Corning Glass Works; Henry Kearns, chairman of the Export-Import Bank in Washington, D.C.; David M. Kennedy, Secretary of the Treasury; Walter A. Marting, president of Hanna Mining Company; John G. McLean, president of Continental Oil Company; and Andrew G. C. Sage, a general partner in the investment banking firm of Lehman Brothers." - The Guests from Social Cohesion & the Bohemian Grove The Power Elite at Summer Camp by G. William Domhoff, U.C. Santa Cruz


Monday, 23 July 2018


Bill Clinton’s affair with Voodoo
Excerpted from Judi McLeod, Canada Free Press.Tuesday, June 28, 2005.

According to historian Joel A. Ruth, a Voodoo sorcerer, supplied to Clinton by the exiled-by-coup John-Bertrand Aristide, once put a curse on incumbent President George W. Bush, “by manipulating a doll made in the President’ s image.”

The long road of destruction Aristide carved through poverty-stricken Haiti was paved in part by one William Jefferson Clinton.

Clinton’s friendship with Aristide, a former Catholic priest turned Voodoo practitioner dates back to 1991 when Aristide, ousted in a coup, took up residence in Washington, D.C. Joining the cocktail circuit and networking for the political aid needed to help restore his power, he soon found his way within the inner circle of the soon-to-be Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Clinton.His friendship with Clinton now cemented, Aristide later began shipping Haitians to the U.S., many of them to Florida shores 600 miles away.

In 1998, Senator John F. Kerry followed in Clinton’ s footsteps and co-sponsored a bill that resulted in amnesty for an estimated 125,000 Haitians granted “temporary asylum” before 1996 because they were fleeing the chaos, terror and poverty inflicted on them, largely by Aristide.
Aristide, whose last act for Haiti was to declare Voodoo an official religion, fled the country on February 29, 2003 amid a rebellion and pressure from the U.S. and France.

“Voodoo,” Aristide professed in a speech to Congress attendees, “is one of the great religions in the world alongside Christianity, Islam and Judaism”.

 Pedophilia and other perversions being revealed.
  Bill Clinton’s sexual appetite is no secret. What was secret was his delving into Pedophilia which came to light as his pal and fellow sexual predator, Jeffery Epstein, was exposed. We now know that Epstein provided the services, of underage boys and girls, to many high officials and royals both on his plane named the Lolita and at his island resort get away. Hillary herself has made trips on the Pedophile plane to Epstein’s Island. All of this is coming to light due to the info gleaned from Anthony Weiner’s Phone. The NYPD along with Wikileaks has made it possible for all of this to be brought to light which is triggering the release of all kinds of shocking and revealing information" -  ExposingSatanism.org


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